ENAKS Upcoming Meetings and Conferences

Eastern Study Group of the North American Kant Society

15th Annual Meeting

Brandeis University, May 4–5

Mandel Center for the Humanities

Prof. Kate Moran, Host


Keynote Speaker: Andrew Chignell (Princeton)


Author Meets Critics: Laura Papish (Georgetown), Kant on Evil, Self-Deception, and Moral Reform

Critics: Martin Sticker (Bristol) and Jessica Tizzard (Connecticut)



Elvira Basevich (UMass Lowell), “Black Radical Kantianism: Why Second Thoughts are not Good Enough”

Rosalind Chaplin (UCSD), “Indeterminacy and Potential Infinity in Kant’s Second Antinomy”

Rafeeq Hasan (Amherst College), “‘Who Should Give Way When Bodies Collide?’ Kant on Bodily Right”

Marie Newhouse (Surrey), “Actions on Lawbreaking Maxims”

Janum Sethi, (Michigan), “For Me, In My Present State: Kant on Judgments of Perception and Mere Subjective Validity”

Bas Tönissen (UCSD), “Self-Love and Moral Progress in Kant”

Aaron Wells (Notre Dame), “The Explanatory Priority of Laws”

Nicole Whalen (CUNY), “Kant’s Republican Defense of the Free Market”



Please contact Kate Moran (kmoran@brandeis.edu) if you are interested in attending. The meeting schedule will be posted to this page in April.